That made me happy

For a long while, our daughter wanted to be a pretty ballerina for the rest of her life, typical of all little girls of course! She took a small leap from ballerina to cupcake baker, and then she leaped again and landed on being a veterinarian. We thought for sure this life choice would stick – our daughter was certain this was what she wanted to do. However, she quickly learned the costs of medical school combined with college and was turned off from being a veterinarian, due to the debt she would be faced with once school was complete. This triggered her to begin looking at our local community college for other programs. She found the HVAC program and while it peaked her interest, the lack of other girls in class made her wary. She decided this could be an advantage for her, took the plunge and is now signed up for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning 101 for this fall! I am so ecstatic she has found something I think she will really enjoy! Also, this could go so well that she opens her own HVAC business and can do all of our heating and cooling repairs!