The temperature in the summer

I grew up in the southern area of the country, and if you’ve never been down south in the summertime, then you don’t know what it’s like to be constantly sweaty and uncomfortable – however it isn’t just the heat down there that’s bad, it’s the humidity, and periodically you recognize you are literally living in a swamp. As a true southerner, I know just how pressing having working air conditioners are, that’s why when we bought our current house, I had an Heating and A/C professional come out first thing to take a look at our a/c unit. The air conditioner unit looked absolutely outdated and sketchy to me and so I was anxious that when the summer hit, the air conditioner wouldn’t work properly, and I can’t live without a/c! Granted, our current cabin isn’t in the south since all of us moved to the midwest area of the country for my husband’s current task; he isn’t used to super high rapidly adjusting temperatures in the summertime because he didn’t grow up where I did. He doesn’t seem to understand why an enjoyable central a/c unit is so pressing to me, and I can’t simply explain it to him. I just told him that if our air conditioner isn’t properly working in the summer, then he will have to come looking for me because I will either be spending the tepid summer afternoons in an air conditioned theater or an ice cream shop. If I can’t turn the control unit down at cabin and get some cool air blowing through the air vents right onto us, then I am out of there!

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