That was a real pain

I procrastinate getting heating and AC tune ups. I literally wait as long as I can before I make the call. Having a gas furnace and central air conditioning business come into my loft is the worst. I would rather run errands all day than have the heating and cooling equipment taken care of. Once a year though, I grit my teeth in addition to do it. Why do I dislike central heating and AC tune ups so much? The heating and AC provider that I use only comes during their business hours! That means I have to waste a whole day off for my job to babysit the HVAC supplier. They never supply me an exact time either. So I need to wait all day long for the heating and AC provider in addition to hoping he shows up at all. Sometimes the guy shows up way outside the time window they gave me. There are times the heating and AC supplier just does not come. Once I get the HVAC contractor in my home, it is worse. I have to hang around and babysit the guy. I make sure he takes off his shoes or covers them before walking on my rugs. I then make sure he really cleans my heating and cooling equipment. If I am not right there, the heating and AC professional skips through all his steps. Sometimes he does not even change the furnace filter or dust inside the system. So I sit there for over two hours, making sure he really does his tasks. Once the work is done. I then try to get the guy out of my loft in addition to paying through the supplier, not him. I have gotten into some sticky situations with that before. It is just a real pain in the butt.