That was so expensive

My hubby and I recently moved into a current house. Our current house was built in the mid seventies. So very little has been done to the property since then The roof, living room, powder room, electric lines as well as plumbing are all original sadly they are in exhausting shape. All of the windows need to be updated and replaced, along with new insulation. When the outside temperature drops, we can all feel the draft seep through the windows, and during the spring and summer season. We can expect lots of pollen, dust, exhaust fumes as well as bugs coming into the house. It is nearly impossible to achieve a comfortable temperature as well as the energy bills are severely hurting our budget. While we’d prefer to start with some remodeling of the living room as well as powder rooms, we all know to put the internal demands of the home first. There is an outdated heat pump installed outside in the backyard. The location of the heat pump was poorly chosen. It is situated right beside the patio, as well as it is noisy and is far from appealing to the eye. Since the heat pump impacts our year round comfort as well as a big impact of out energy bill, we know we must take care of the issue first.  Every one of us have consulted with a local Heating and A/C company to get an estimate for the project, which was way more costly than we expected. We’ve included the cost of a current heat pump, moving the device to a better location, as well as the whole upgrade process. Plus, the wiring in the house is unsafe and hoping to update the whole electrical plan at the same time. I’m expecting the biweekly energy savings to help reclaim the investment and make our home become a home.

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