The A/C is running again

I don’t mean to piss off a lot of people right now, but I don’t know why everyone is so excited about dogs. I mean, my fiance plus I just got a puppy. I personally was against the whole idea from the start because I guess how much of a full time job they are. The two of us also have an older dog who I had in the house before I met our fiance. I keep having to deal with the puppy at night as well as the old dog during the day because I job during the day plus our fiance has the opposite schedule at work. He is on duty during the day, which is a much better deal. At night the temperature drops so low, so of course, even though it’s Spring, that I come back in from letting the puppy out plus I’m chilled to the bone and totally frozen stiff. I’ve started turning the heating plan on at night every day because of it. Well, I also forget to turn it off again after that, plus the temperature during the day has been getting warm during the day, well into the sixties. My fiance keeps reminding me to please turn off the Heating plus Air Conditioning before I leave in the morning, however I can’t! I’m so sleepy from getting up three times during the night to let the stupid new  dog out that I have no presence of mind for something minute like that, plus I forget. I don’t understand what the big deal is – he’s the one that wanted this puppy in the first place.

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