I need to change out a piece

What a joyous event for us all. What a day, what a life, what a life changing moment. Yes, my fiance and I just got a puppy. I personally was vehemently against it from the start because I know exactly how much work they are. We also have an older pet at home already who I had before I met my fiance, and he’s enough work for me personally. I keep having to deal with the puppy at night because I happen to work while I was in the day and my fiance has the opposite schedule, so of course we switch off and he is on duty while I was in the day. At night the temperature drops so low outdoors that it’s a nightmare, even though it’s Springtime, that I come back in from letting the puppy out and I’m totally frozen stiff. I’ve started turning the heating plan on in the house at night because of it. Well, I also forget to turn it off again, and then the indoor temperature while I was in the day has been getting well into the eighties. My fiance keeps reminding me to turn off the HVAC before I pack up to leave in the afternoon, but I’m so sleepy from getting up three times at least while I was in the night to let the pet out that I have no particular presence of mind for something appreciate that. I forget. I know it’s lost money the people I was with and I really shouldn’t be just wasting, but the alternative to turning the heat on is that I have to let the puppy run around on his own outside. We’ll see how he likes it when we’re running around in the freezing cold air trying to catch his new dog.

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