The a/c maintenance plan

    My therapist and I have discovered a few useful things about me! I’m loaded with depression and trauma, so my brain doesn’t necessarily work the right way all the time! We’ve discovered that being outdoors is a sizable help for my mental health. There’s something about being alone in nature, surrounded by the beautiful shades of flowers as well as sounds of leaves moving in the wind undoubtedly settles me.

               My therapist encourages me to spend as much time being as close to nature as possible! That’s why we put nature first when we were looking for a new home last year. When all of us found this large home with an enormous sunroom overlooking the forest, we knew it was the right choice. The thing is, we didn’t consider how that drafty room could affect our daily energy usage. You see, the room attracted us with multiple walls of windows. We didn’t think about how drafty and energy inefficient that space would be. Whenever we have the central heating or cooling plan running, there is a large amount of air blowing out to the sunroom air vents. The air speedily dissipates out the sunroom windows, and the gas furnace & AC device continually run to keep up.

            Our utility bill has been skyrocketing since we first moved in, and pretty soon we’ll be out on the streets if we can’t work our Heating & A/C system right. We’ve tried to seal off the room from our HVAC ducts to spare the heating & cooling systems from the extra stress. But then, I can’t manage my own personal stress!

cooling setup