The ac when I work out

I am crazy when it comes to working out, I do it everyday for over an hour; Each day is totally weird and targets several areas of our body. I enjoy to rotate legs, arms, abs and cardio. I also change up if I get to have A/C or not… There are pros and cons to having air conditioning while we were in a workout! Having A/C means I can fully work out a true bit longer. I don’t get hot,  exhausted and wiped out. The A/C also motivates me to get started with some heart pumping exercises. I am cool and I want to get warm. However, the cooling system makes it harder to get warm. I have to do more warm up things to get my legs not feeling so tight. Also, the A/C makes it so I can cool down a whole lot easier. If I rest for a hour, I worry about my muscles tightening. That is why half of the work out time get no air conditioning. I assume it is fine for me to sometimes sweat out all the toxins. I let myself drip and just get real wet. I tire out  way quicker and usually have trouble making the hour. But, I can go super hard right when I begin the actual work out. Also, with no A/C, I can stretch easier, my straddles and splits can basically go to the floor since I am so warm and very loose. The issue is that our sweat gets slippery. My feet are so wet that I worry about falling on the mat I use. I also leave wet spots every time I sit or sit down. It is crazy.

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