The air conditioner is amazing

In my experience, I’ve found that there are just some things you should trust to the pros. Now that can be a bit difficult to accomplish if you always believe that you can do just about anything yourself. Then there’s internet, which is where you can look up just about anything. It’s an endless source of information and how-to guides to do virtually anything. Still in all, many folks will hire a professional rather than attempt the easiest DIY projects. I can understand that way of thinking, since I’ve done the same. But recently I managed to install my own ductless mini-split Heating and Cooling system for my garage! My garage is where I work on my messy hobbies, such as wood working and staining. I park my truck in my covered carport! However the only problem with working in my garage is that I have to leave the garage doors wide open for the ventilation. I was always looking over my shoulder if I heard a noise, thinking that someone was walking in on me. Rather than feed my paranoia, I decided to address the heating and cooling issue in the garage directly by installing a small HVAC system. And since there are no windows in the garage, window-mounted HVAC wasn’t possible. That’s when I read up on ductless mini-split systems, which sounded perfect! Since ductless mini-split systems are just that – ductless – the plan involves an outdoor air compressor along with an indoor air handler. To put this into place, I simply had to set up the outdoor air compressor near an outside wall of the garage, plus bore a hole through the wall big enough to fit all the wires through to the interior of the garage. After that, I had to install the air handling unit on an interior wall! Finally, I checked all of the electrical cords and plugs. Before turning the HVAC unit on, I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. And guess what? It worked! I was pretty proud of myself, having installed the entire thing on my own! It really made me proud. It also gave me a boost of confidence to do more things on my own.

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