The air conditioner is quite moldy

I remember last year that my spouse and I went on a little getaway. We live in the South and both of us had our home for about 4 years… This was honestly the first time both of us would be leaving our beach house for a long stage of time. I figured that we could just turn the Heating, Ventilation and A/C method off altogether so that we wouldn’t waste a lot of currency on the energy bill. What’s the point of cooling system an empty beach house? Well, I actually wished I had looked into it or asked somebody about this situation. Both of us went on or getaway and it was a wonderful time. We were gone for about 3 weeks and honestly, we needed that break. Well, when we returned to our home, both of us were shocked. We discovered mold growth all around the house! I came to find that because of the intense humidity in the South, you can’t just not have the cooling system running. If I would have kept the cooling system on, just a lower level, it would have been fantastic because the cooling system naturally removes moisture from the air, but no, I turned the cooling system off altogether! This was an expensive mistake and now I had to pay for it. We had to get a hotel while both of us hired a corporation to remove all the mold from inside of household. It was not cheap and it was a bad experience, however fortunately, that corporation did a fabulous task of getting rid of all the mold. If you live in a humid area, you should either get a dehumidifier, or have your cooling system running on low while you are away! This will save you a  bill from a corporation that removes the mold inside of your house.

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