The benefits of a programmable thermostat:

There are a lot of little things we can upgrade in our life if we could simply find the time. Many people might not realize it, but a manual thermostat is one of those things. The greatest problem with a manual thermostat is the constant attention it needs in order to maintain energy optimization. If there are several times in the week, where everyone is gone from one’s house for long periods of time, then that means each of those times their thermostat needs to be readjusted. However, having to do this usually means either leaving one’s house using energy when nobody is around or having one’s house uncomfortable when they get home. One of the primary benefits of a programmable thermostat is that this is a problem it solves, as it can be programmed to run on a set schedule. Programmable thermostats also do a much better job of maintaining a constant temperature in the house which furthermore means less adjusting the dial. Another benefit of a programmable thermostat is that it can increase or decrease one’s home temperature depending on the time of day. Naturally, this means not having to personally account for the changes in weather during the 24-day cycle, as the upgraded thermostat can do this on its own. For those who have an older HVAC system in place, an upgraded thermostat can also boost the performance of their current heating and cooling unit. Installing a programmable thermostat may also allow for them to keep their older HVAC system saving them a lot of money in regards to installing a new HVAC system instead.

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