The building is way too hot now

As a hobby, I refinish hardwood furniture.  I visit antique shops, garage sales, flea markets, and estate sales, looking for furniture for a cheap price.  Very often, beautiful pieces cost very little because they are coated in layers of paint or missing some hardware.  The process to restore the pieces is labor-intensive. I first coat the furniture in harsh chemical stripper to peel away the paint.  I then spend hours going over the surface with an electric palm sander. I finish the project with a minimum of three coats of varnish.  The process creates a tremendous amount of dust and fumes. It requires a well-ventilated, clean and temperature controlled workspace. When I built a little workshop in my backyard, I couldn’t figure out how to handle heating and cooling.  I certainly couldn’t afford to spend a ton of money on a hobby. I also had very little installation space to work with. I finally called a local HVAC contractor for some advice. He checked out my workshop and immediately recommended a ductless heat pump.  The ductless heat pump is super small and lightweight. The indoor air handler mounted on the wall and is connected to a compact outdoor compressor. The whole system required little more than a small hole in the wall and access to electricity. The HVAC contractor had it installed and running in less than an hour.  The heat pump provides both heating and cooling, operates efficiently and effectively filters dust and fumes from the air. It didn’t cost all that much and is absolutely perfect for maintaining a comfortable year round temperature.

HVAC contractor