When cleaning your ductwork is necessary and when it isn’t

It can be easy to get lost in the details when maintaining the heating and cooling system in your home.  Monthly filter changes and bi-annual service checkups are just the beginning when it comes to keeping your HVAC system running properly and efficiently.  Filters alone come in different sizes and grades depending on what the needs are in your home. For instance, thinner filters with lower allergen ratings restrict the airflow in your system the least, leading to a smaller amount of energy waste.  But on the flip side, if you have any issues with seasonal allergies or have asthma problems, these cheaper and flimsier filters are often insufficient in filtering out the dust and air particles that could irritate your lungs. There is also the subject of ductwork cleaning.  Most newer ventilation systems in homes that are kept relatively clean should also be relatively clean. If you’re someone with health problems or chronic allergies, proper ductwork cleaning can be another line of defense between you and serious breathing problems. Dust and mold particles can buildup in certain points within the ducts and can contaminate your air each time the machine is cycling.  But if ductwork cleaning isn’t done properly with the needed vacuuming and air pressure tools, you will simply take existing mold spores and spread them further throughout your house. If you think you might benefit from ductwork cleaning, make sure the company you work with is properly certified to clean ventilation systems correctly. Otherwise, you could take a minimal issue and turn it into catastrophic problem.

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