the car cooling device

I was that normal teenager whose first car wasn’t the nicest, my parents offered to match whatever money had saved up towards a new car once I got my drivers license! Unfortunately, my Mom was in a pretty severe car accident, plus my parents had quite a bit of unexpected medical costs. My mother still wanted to match my currency, but I just didn’t want my parents to provide me currency for a car that they could be using to pay my Mom’s medical bills, and i didn’t have much money of my own saved up because I didn’t get a good paying job until after I bought my car. When I first bought the car, the a/c worked, but within about 4 weeks, the AC broke down. It was entirely  frustrating to drive a car without a/c because the summers plus even Autumns where I live are absolutely hot plus muggy. I can remember just driving down the road and within several hours, my makeup was melting off my face. I would sometimes just pull over plus cry because of how humid and uncomfortable I was in my car. Thankfully, I started dating my now fiance, plus he loved to job on cars. He had my AC absolutely working again within a day, plus I was entirely astonished. Having a/c made my life ten times easier. I was easily able to care about driving my car, plus I think, that is the time when I quickly got attached to it. Many years later, I look back at that time with both good plus exhausting memories, however I find myself laughing at how much of a pain not having a/c was to me; Although to this day, I still tend to miss my first car.

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