The cruise ship HVAC

My buddy decided to surprise myself and others with a cruise.  I easily thought she thought she was doing something very nice.  Had I known she was going to take myself and others on a cruise, I would have said no, but it wasn’t known to myself and others until I was going up the ramp.  Once the seasickness took over my body, which only took an hour in the tiny lodge, they had to traninterest us. We then ended up in a small suite that overlooked the main deck.  Both of us had a lot of ventilation when both of us opened the patio door, however the air was humid & undoubtedly warm. I tried to tell our friend that I easily was grateful, but every time I opened our mouth, I began to throw up.  The doctor offered myself and others some medicine & I was able to at least get out of the room. The second day both of us were on the boat, I was feeling a bit better, & both of us made the decision to go out for supper. I was feeling queasy after eating, so I went back to the room. Sadly, the room was so tepid that I felt even worse after a couple of minutes.  The Heating, Ventilation & A/C had stopped running. I tried to adjust the temperature control, but nothing happened. I turned the temperature control up & I turned the temperature control off. I would have cranked up the temperature control into Cinderella if I thought it would work. I ended up calling the ship steward who sent a Heating, Ventilation & A/C specialist to the area.  She told me later that she had to get some parts & she wouldn’t be able to maintenance the Heating, Ventilation & A/C equipment until the next day.

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