The damage has been caused

I may not have done my homework on lake beach house warranties, especially when it comes to a/cs.  Now that my Heating plus A/C has failed me, I’m doing the research now. I see where most lake beach house warranty companies want their own Heating plus A/C repair provider.  I called the warranty corporation to report that my a/c is not cooling. Afterwards, I decided to research air conditioning repair, plus my warranty corporation, in certain. I should have done this research before I bought a lake beach house warranty system when I closed on my beach house 3 years ago.  Consumer Reports wrote an article, plus it wasn’t favorable, especially about their air conditioning repairs. So now, not only am I waiting for the lake beach house warranty corporation to return my call, however I’m hoping that an Heating plus A/C corporation calls me as well. Many hours later, the warranty corporation returned my call, plus informed me that a claim had been filed on my behalf.  The next morning, an Heating plus A/C corporation contacted me, now that I’m going into my 3rd morning without air conditioning. Unfortunately, even with the sweltering heat, the air conditioning professional can’t get to my beach house until later tomorrow morning, which will be my 4th morning without air conditioning. Nonetheless, I assume fantastic about my upcoming air conditioning repair. It may take longer to get an Heating plus A/C repair through the warranty corporation, however it looks appreciate it is going to job out.  Now all I need is to get through the next few mornings of heat, plus I should hopefully have a really working a/c not long after.