The hazardous air quality

Golf is a fun sport that I’ve enjoyed for twenty years. You might believe that as someone who plays golf at least once every other week, I’d have built some serious skill as well as be a real contender to play professionally, right? On the contrary – I’m terrible at the game! I just enjoy having fun with our friends on the course. Still, these shenanigans I get into with my friends on the course can end in tragedy sometimes. One time, my friend thought it would be funny to try and make the golf cart drift in the grass. He overshot his turn, and rammed into a tree, throwing me out of the cart! I twisted my ankle pretty bad, so I had to leave the game. For the rest of the weekend, I spent as much time as I could tolerate in the steam room at our local gym. See, while ice works well to reduce inflammation, and dry heat can help can help you sweat, humid air helps to keep the muscles relaxed. So, what better place than the steam room! Since the gym sauna uses a small radiator to supply heat, the steam room helps immensely to keep that sensation under control by using a hot water pipe that runs along the floor of the room. The boiler can supply moisture as well as warmth, so the steam room constantly feels much hotter thanks to the added humidity. I’m just glad that I can access this place – I know I could just adjust the thermostat at home to make the house humid and warm, but my wife wouldn’t care for that at all!

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