The heat inside my store

Ice skating is not thought of as a summer sport. Despite that, it is still one of my number ones. However when I was growing up, living up north, there were ice skating rinks on every corner. Now that I reside more out west, ice skating rinks are a very rare sight. In fact, my town has only one that operates throughout the year, so that’s the one I use all the time. I enjoy how cold it feels with the intense air conditioner especially compared to what it feels like outside. It’s my own little Winter season wonderland in the middle of Summer. But last weekend, I put on my skates and was ready to spend some time on the rink. However, to my alarm, the rink was closed temporarily. Even though they had the best air conditioner in the whole city so as to keep the ice frozen, the Summer heat made the air conditioner work extra and give out. Because of the lack of air conditioner, the ice on the rink melted so no one was allowed to skate. I was very discouraged. There was no other ice rink in city with an air conditioner so powerful, and the owner told everyone that it would take a few days for the parts to ship out and the air conditioner unit to get fixed. If only there was some sort of air conditioner generator that would keep the ice frozen long enough so that I could skate. Perhaps I will just have to return home, keep my own air conditioner on full blast and dance around to mimic ice skating.

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