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With summer on the horizon, I am finding that my poor mind is straying, and I am unable to focus on work much. I’m thinking it may be due to the weather, and that it is definitely getting warmer, or maybe it is the result of a late onslaught of spring fever. My office is a bit on the hot side, honestly, although it is only eighty degrees outside. I keep thinking about how wonderful it would be to be outside, but I definitely need to finish my tasks set out for this week. I often consider just turning the air conditioner on. I mean, with as high as the cost of energy has climbed, I am wondering if I can’t simply not use the air conditioner all summer long. But then I refer to the stats on our energy carrier’s website, which clearly state that I’m not really using that much extra energy in the summer than I did in the winter. My wife says I am just looking for a reason to not finish all of my work, but I personally think it is because of the added heat, and how drowsy it seems to be making me. I’m quite sure that this utter lack of concentration has to do with the heat, so I recently bought a small portable air conditioner that I can set up in my office. Although I am distraught over the energy cost of using the air conditioning, I am more concerned with falling asleep and not getting the job done. The air conditioner is really my best option. I believe, too, that my wife is feeling the same way about the weather because she asked me if I wanted her to turn the air conditioner on for me.

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