the heat of the summer

For the whole month of May, our whole city is transformed into a magical wonderland of amazing excitement, as the streets are filled with colorful decorations as well as artistic designs You can spot street vendors lining the asites with their gourmet treats, sweet and tasty confections, as well as savory morsels of chicken, pork, as well as beef.  I was picked to be part of the planning committee this year, and we all had the large annual celebration planned for the end of the week. The event was catered by many varying corporate sponsors; one fish canning corporation sponsored all of the food prepared free for the event. Then when the event drew closer, the outdoor forecast had temperatures well into the intense 100 degree range. It was a rare occasion for the month of May to say the least. I talked to the other members of the planning committee, as I thought we all should simply move the large celebration indoors, because of the high heat as well as humidity, because a lot of people don’t love to leave the house when the outdoor weather is so hot and sticky. I felt more people would come if the end of week celebration was held indoors under the confines of a forced air cooling system. After a huge discussion about the potential cost of cooling system, the corporation finally agreed to host the annual Celebration indoors. They agreed that climate control was absolutely necessary in order for the event to be a total financial success this year. It was good that all of us did just that, because the cold cooling system came in handy! Our town had a record day of intense heat, as well as the outdoor temperatures were close to 100°, but luckily for us, almost everyone was comfortable, cool, as well as having a lot of fun indoors. That would not have been possible without the climate control system.

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