The heating unit is giving me trouble

Several of my friends and I constantly peruse the sale section of our neighborhood, in order to view the many Hale homes that are for sale in our neighborhood. I love looking at the different houses, and I like being able to see different types of decorations. I don’t think this is Snoopy, and I easily I’m just curious about new changes to make to my own dilapidated Victorian Cottage. One important section in the real estate property values, is where they mention the age of the heating, ventilation, and A/C equipment. Most houses in this neighborhood are quite aged, and some of them still don’t have central heating, ventilation, and A/C equipment. The dead of winter temperatures easily permeate through those windows, and many of those homes feel distinctly chilly most of the days. Some of these Victorian Cottages must have an excellent heating, ventilation, and AC equipment, or the energy bills would be close to $1,000 every single month. There are a few wonderful Victorian cottages for sale in our neighborhood, including the three-story Building located across the street and down the corner. Several of my friends have been looking at this house, because they are thinking about purchasing the cottage and fixing it up for resale. With a few cosmetic changes in addition to a coat of paint, they could easily double their money. If several of my friends added the proper heating, ventilation, and A/C equipment, they could easily make a killing on those real estate properties. Maybe we should get on board with them too.

A/C systemĀ