I am getting frustrated

I was talking to someone the other day, about my grandkids and, as it always does, the conversation turned to the fact that kids are spoiled these days. We were discussing how much things have changed over the last fifty years.  I remembered my parents having an old coal furnace in the basement. The upside of this type of heat was that whenever a big storm went through, we never had to worry about going without heat, because of that furnace. We didn’t have any air conditioning at all.  I laughed because that would make the kids today, go crazy. I could just picture my granddaughter and the fit she would have if she didn’t have climate control in her bedroom. She relaxes and plays her video games, or listens to his music in there all the time. We didn’t have video games growing up, we had the great outdoors and trees to play in.   Coming into a cooler house, even if it wasn’t a perfect seventy-two, was always a treat. This a nosey man at the next table was listening to our conversation, and he began to get aggravated with me. He said that fifty years ago, when he was a kid, they had air conditioning and a gas furnace. He said that I was exaggerating and acting like an old man.  I smiled, and told him that I grew up in coal country, and yes, a few people had oil or gas furnaces. We couldn’t afford to have the luxury of air conditioning. I told him that our situation and his, were very different. I was raised in the country, and he must have been raised in the city. His father owned a business, which he was quick to tell us, and my father was a laborer.  He threw his hands up in the air, and cursed, then walked away.

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