The house is heating right up

I have some very real concerns over the kids growing up today. From the tiny experience I have with them, they are scary. They do not look up from their cellphones for several straight seconds, as well as they aren’t using that miracle tool to gain any decent know-how, that is for sure. I’m blown away time by all the simple things these half-wits don’t know. For instance, I learned recently that my niece doesn’t know what taxes are, and she is in high school by the way. It’s not that she’s having trouble filing her own taxes, which I would understand. No, she literally didn’t even have a clue they existed, whether it be Federal, State, or Sales. I almost cried when we had that talk, and she just shrugged her shoulders. However don’t even get me started on my younger nephew though, because he’s even more clueless. The other morning he almost totally burned down our home trying to increase the temp by a few paltry degrees; How is this possible, you may wonder? Well, I left the little guy alone, who’s 14 (!) by the way, to go for a little jog yesterday. In that time he decided the indoor temperature was insufficient… Rather than raising the temperature knob, say like any moron might, he decided it was best to light up the fireplace. Isn’t this off to a exhausting start? Well so was his fire! Apparently he could not get the logs to light, so in his “freezing frigid desperation,” he decided to dump lighter fluid all over the fireplace. This would be a dangerous situation normally, but fortunately it was not a wood burning fireplace… My fireplace is actually a gas one. This stupid child actually set fire to our fake plastic logs. Right as I walked in the front door, the gooey plastic puddle, as well as lighter fluid, was finally starting to heat up the house.

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