I can only ignore the problem so long

All of my family got together last week to celebrate our sister’s birthday. At the restaurant we were going to for supper, while she was still out at her automobile helping her son out of his carseat, our brother approached the hostess who walks you to your seat to make a special birthday request. I overheard him asking for us to be sat at the table that is closest to the AC vents. I couldn’t help but smirk at this since our sister is known for complaining about how every time she goes out to eat at a restaurant she ends up getting sat right under an air conditioning vent.  Our sister came in with her son, and my brother and I exchanged a look as we were led back to where we’d be sitting. And, lo and behold, the hostess had pulled through on the special request, placing us at a table that was right below the cooling system. Immediately after our sister sat down you could see the upset look on her face as she noticed the AC, and she let out an annoyed “Every time!” My brother and I burst out laughing hysterically, like the immature fools the two of us are. I kindly asked our waitress when she returned to take our drink orders if all of us could be moved away from the AC vent. As family, we really love picking on each other, but it wouldn’t be too nice if our silly little prank with the AC ended up ruining her entire birthday evening. And so the waitress was wonderful and let us move away from the cold vent, even though we originally requested to be seated under it. And my brother and I made sure to tip our waitress really great at the end of the night for her excellent service.

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