The ice rink cooling mishap

When I was a teenager, roller skating was the major craze! Back then, all of us constantly used to go to the local roller rink plus skate. We enjoyed going crazy to the latest dance music. Of course I am dating myself here, since this was thirty years ago. One time I recall, my bestie and I made the choice to go to this a new roller rink out of our neighborhood. It was almost 90 degrees outside, thanks to the summer heatwave going on. The venue, you would think, would have a superb air conditioner. Yet over thirty years ago, the majority of places did not have modern Heating plus Air Conditioning systems. When I was a kid, window air conditioner units were all most homes have. Central air conditioner was too high-priced at the time, unless you were rich, were well off, or if you were a major corporation or building. This skating rink fell under a major building. But their air conditioner was not working! They had these tall floor fans I remember on this day. They were blowing all over the venue with the music cranking loud over their sound system. The floor fans were not working legitimately well due to all the warm lights plus the size of the rink. But all I wanted was a high quality air conditioner! I remember my bestie and I spent about 30 minutes in this rink, plus after that we ended up leaving to skate at the normal rink in town. They at least had real air conditioner! I ended up getting sick for a week after this. That’s why I remembered it. Air conditioning is a must!

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