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My husband and I went to dinner with some friends last week and had a great time.  After the meal we decided to skip dessert at the restaurant and go for ice cream at a new place nearby.  The place was bright and very funky and carried a large number of flavors that they made on sight. We all ordered small sundaes and wanted to sit and relax inside the ice cream place but our friends soon said that it was too cold inside for them and it was true.  The thermostat at this place must have been set to 65 degrees or lower. It was still very warm outside but we decided to sit on the patio to eat our sundaes. It was a little too warm however and there were also a large number of bugs. So it was too cold inside and too hot outside and nowhere comfortable to eat our ice cream. It seemed to us and our friends that the owners of the ice cream parlor were making a mistake by keeping the dining room too cool for comfort during the times when it was too warm to sit outside comfortably.  We finished our ice cream and headed home. I wondered if we would ever go to that ice cream place again. Not long after I happened to drive by and noticed that the place had closed. I told my wife when I got home and she said she was not surprised after the uncomfortable experience we had there a while back. The moral of this story is to make sure your customers are comfortable not too hot or too cold and you could be a real success.

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