I love ice cream!

About once a month, I get together with a bunch of friends and we all go out to dinner.  Last month, we decided to go to this little ice cream shop that had just opened, instead of having dessert at the restaurant.  We had heard a lot about the ice cream shop and how stylish it was and how they mixed the flavors you choose, as you watch. It was a nice place, but it was really cold inside.  They must have had the thermostat set at sixty, because we were shivering. I was going to ask about the AC, but since the place had just opened, I was thinking that maybe they were just not sure of how to set the thermostat.  We ended up sitting outside on the patio and finishing our sundaes. Unfortunately, it was so warm outside, that our ice cream was melting much quicker than what we could eat it, but it felt better than the harshness of the air conditioning inside.  A couple of weeks later, my husband was driving by that ice cream shop on his way to work, and he said that all of the signs had been taken down. I have to admit that I’m not one bit surprised that they didn’t last. I understand that they need it a bit cooler in an ice cream shop, but that air conditioning was outrageous.  They couldn’t expect to keep their customers when they had the thermostat at sixty all of the time. It was too cool to be inside, and it was too hot to be outside.

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