The nice powered HVAC

Unlike our various different siblings and step-siblings, I never much cared for school. My folks were farmers, and I feel I got that way down deep in our genetic makeup while our other siblings are primed for higher education. I never had a complication doing chores all morning long, in fact I much preferred doing manual labor and chores over reading, writing, or doing math. I think our dad was cheerful that at least a single one of his youngsters wanted to follow in his footsteps. Of course, the farm went under not very long after that, and so truly much against our wishes I was needed to return to education. Instead of proper schooling, I decided to go to trade school and learn HVAC systems repair. Reading such boring books was not our style, but with heating and cooling maintenance I got to have a job with our hands, solve issues, and keep myself actually working even while I was doing my reading. I picked up part time job with a local HVAC supplier while I took night classes, so I could pick up some on the job experience before being certified! Honestly, reading about many furnaces and cooling systems was pretty boring, but was still the most interesting kind of education for me. It turns out that HVAC method maintenance was the smartest choice I ever made. All 6 of our siblings have school degrees at this point, and our HVAC certification has myself and others earning a lot more money than any of them! I never knew there was such fine money to be made in this HVAC industry, to be honest, but things easily worked out on our side.

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