Air conditioner machine on our field trip

Every new opportunity I get to go as a chaperone for field trips with our kid’s school, I take it, the way I think about it, I only have 2 or 3 more years where I have the opportunity to do stuff adore this, before long she will be a teen, and won’t want myself or others to tag along on her class trips, then once I had that realization I now will never miss another opportunity to help out her class.  Last month both of us took a day trip out to a local dairy cow farm to see how it worked “behind the scenes.” I am cheerful I went, naturally, but it was the most trying a single yet… I hadn’t realized how much I rely on non-stop air conditioning until I got out on a farm that had none of it. It makes sense to me, of course, why would anyone bother to install A/C into a large barn filled with milk cows? No doubt that would be truly high-priced, and a total waste of the HVAC equipment, and cows don’t need to have air conditioning, and even if they did have it all it would do is cause the milk to taste unusual! None of the youngsters seemed overly bothered by the lack of temperature control, although I did notice a few other parents dripping with sweat. I asked the farmer if there was a chop room or some kind of location where I could kneel down and soak up some air conditioning for a while, but the farmer just rolled his eyes at me. The only location that had A/C was the farmhouse, and I was absolutely not allowed in there.

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