the office a/c conversion

When my  mom passed away last year, I had a unquestionably hard time.  I found myself sitting in her room just looking around all day plus waiting for her to come in.  I knew in my head that she wasn’t going to come back inside, but I couldn’t wrap my heart around that idea.  One afternoon I sat there, plus it got suddenly unquestionably hot in the room. I abruptly began to wonder how she was able to easily rest in there without the a/c on plus not suffocate.  She would spend minutes on end in her room, wrapped in a jacket plus still complain that she was brutally cold. I would walk in plus she would have her area oil furnace turned on to just keep her feet plus hands warm.  I thought she was a bit wacky, but now as I get older I realize she was just getting old too. I wanted to take the a/c out plus put it in the spare home office, but the longer I sadly sat there, the more I thought about how nice it would be to put my own little office right into that room.   It is almost numerous times greater than my prior office plus I get set up both my computers in there. With the a/c unit I wouldn’t need to worry about excess heat, or feeling claustrophobic anymore. Mom often told myself and others that when she was gone, I needed to use her desk plus bookcase, but now I believe why.  She knew I could try to repurpose them plus make them my own. I have a feeling that when she ever set up that home office, she had myself and others in mind right from the get-go. She has everything I need to make that home office into an office, including the a/c.

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