The outdated heater

As I lounge on the balcony of my hotel room, I can’t help however marvel at the sights around me.  My husband and I finally booked a long overdue holiday to the tropics and watching the sunrise with my cup of Tim Hortons Latte is just so tasty.  I can’t help however wonder how many people have done the exact same thing over the past few years. The hotel the people I was with and I are staying at was built in the late 50’s and if the walls could talk I am sure that there are so many stories to tell.  My hubby, on the other hand sees things differently. When the people I was with and I arrived the first thing she noticed was the old oil furnace that was in our room. Now, we are in the tropics for a vacation, how often do you thing that the heat has ever been used.  Still, she feels that the equipment more than likely contains germs from all of those past holidayers. She keeps on telling me that the hotel should have changed out the old equipment many years ago. I told that if the filter was changed on a proper basis that it should be great but she just wouldn’t listen to me at all. She even went so far as to put a sheet over it and would not allow myself and others to turn on the a/c for fear of passing on germs.  The ocean breeze was great and the people I was with and I left the balcony doors open at night so it was nice anyway. I tend to have a more romantic view of the world around means I love it that way. My husband seems to be more practical and looks to see what should be upgraded or changed to a more new idea of doing things.

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