The programs and the thermostat

Yesterday both of us made the choice to go to the world’s  greatest chocolate shop. Well, maybe it isn’t the greatest chocolate shop in the entire world, however it’s entirely the  greatest chocolate shop in the midwestern space of the country where both of us live. They have everything there, plus I entirely stocked up on chocolate for myself plus also for a lot of Christmas presents. My whole family likes to eat chocolate, so giving presents that are made from chocolate are constantly a fantastic idea! Well, at least I thought they were a fantastic idea. That is until I got lake home plus found that our heating plus cooling plan was all out of whack at our house. When both of us walked in the door as both of us arrived lake home from shopping, the whole home was way overheated. I thought that was weird, because I knew that the digital programmable thermostat had been set correctly to follow our respected heating plus cooling program when both of us left. I put down all of our shopping bags of chocolate plus went over to check the thermostat. Sure enough, the temperature on the thermostat was set to usual temperature, however the actual temperature in the home was about fifteen degrees warmer than it should have been! I started pushing buttons on the thermostat to see if I could figure out what the problem was, but I couldn’t figure it out. The home felt prefer you lying inside of a gas furnace! I went downstairs plus shut everything off, however by the time I came back upstairs to call the Heating plus Air Conditioning business, our precious chocolate presents had started to melt! I had accidentally left the shopping bags sitting on top of the heating vents!

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