My animals need good a/c

This month I went to the pet store because I had to get some fish food for our saltwater aquarium… I entirely prefer our fish plus they deliver myself and others hours of joy every week, and they help myself and others to calm down when I’m stressed out plus they entirely help myself and others manage our anxiety… Anyway, when I went into the pet store the whole venue was freezing. The air conditioning was running full blast plus it wasn’t turning off. I saw the employer of the pet store back in the back of the store, frantically pushing buttons on the digital programmable thermostat that was on the wall by the back door. I asked her what was the matter plus she said that the air conditioning had broken that afternoon plus she couldn’t get the air conditioning to turn off no matter what she did… She said that she had already called the heating plus cooling company to come out plus do an air conditioning repair call however they hadn’t shown up yet. She was getting entirely concerned about all of the cold-blooded creatures in the store prefer the snakes plus the lizards, since the temperature in the pet store was way lower than it should have been for the health of the creatures, of course, the fluffy dogs plus cats didn’t mind the chilly temperatures at all. I guess they absolutely prefer it when the air conditioning malfunctions because they are made for cooler temperatures than the cold-blooded reptiles are. I told her that I hoped the Heating plus Air Conditioning worker would show up soon so that the exhausting lizards could get warmed up! As I was checking out with our fish food, the Heating plus Air Conditioning truck pulled up outside, so hopefully he was able to repair the air conditioning swiftly.

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