The road’s a/c device

       Both my parents say I have wanderlust and restless legs.  All I knew is that I couldn’t stay in one venue for long. I don’t mean in an ADD or ADHD sort of way. I wasn’t nervous or worried and I did quite well in school. I just hated being cooped up, be it in a classroom or my little bedroom. I wanted to get out and see the world, or as much of it as I could in my lifetime. So I bought an RV the first option I got. Now I cruise the highways at my leisure, enjoying climate control and fantastic music as I see the sights.

                 To be truthful, this all would not be nearly as enjoyable without the a/c in the vehicle. I tried walking, hitchhiking, and riding a bicycle before, but with no air conditioner, I just got hot and tired and had no fun. I don’t have the world’s biggest or nicest RV, but it fills my needs well enough, with an air vent in the ceiling and a box style A/C equipment mounted in the back window.

                I don’t say I had central A/C in the camper, but that have been perfect! The window mounted a/c equipment is strong enough to cool down the entire vehicle, so it’s wonderful enough for me. One day I might replace it with a nicer RV, but it doesn’t really matter to me as long as I have music, a cooling system, and the open road in front of me.

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