The ruined heated flooring

My family and I have been in the same home for about ten years now.  We haven’t had any major problems with any of our various appliances.  I guess we can consider ourselves lucky, because many of them are way over due to be replaced.  My wife and I had been watching the weather and they were talking about the potential for a huge winter storm to be impacting us in the next couple of days.  If it was to become as bad as they were predicting my wife said the kids would end up at home for a longer weekend. The schools would probably close. I had to laugh because she hated when they had snow days.  Unfortunately, this wasn’t to be the only thing that was going to go wrong. The thermostat broke, and we were unable to adjust the heating for our radiant heat. It’s bad enough to have the kids home for an extra day, but if there isn’t any heat, then they would become whiny kids.  I was really upset to be standing there still, with the control switch to the thermostat sitting in my hand, when my husband got home from work. We called the HVAC company and they were unable to get to us. My wife suggested we call her brother as a last resort. He gloated for awhile, then he  complained about our calling only we have a problem. Ultimately, he agreed to come to the house and fix the thermostat for us. He said he was using his talents as a HVAC technician only to take care of his niece and nephew. It had nothing to do with his sister and I.

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