HVAC in our condo

When I ended up having full custody of my children, my main concern was to have someplace that was healthy and safe for them to live in.  I love spending time with my kids, so this was quite a coup for me, considering I’m the father and not the mother. I already getting ready to make closings on a new home for myself, and I had chosen a place that was safe for the kids and in a great part of town.  I now wanted to also make sure the house was safe for the kids. I had them go over the entire structure of the house to make sure there was no mold anywhere and that everything was structurally sound. Then, I turned my attention to the HVAC. I knew the safety of the HVAC was paramount to my children’s safety in the home.  I just wasn’t sure if I wanted to get the closings done and then tackle the HVAC, or if I wanted it done before. I was afraid that if they ran into any problems, that I would have to put the closings on hold. I decided to have it done prior to closings and I called the HVAC company. I wanted to make sure that everything was fine.  After doing a thorough inspection, the HVAC tech told me that he found a small problem with the air handler, but he was able to fix it. He just needed to do a good tune-up and then the HVAC system would be energy efficient and safe to use.