The smart thermostat rocks

There are many benefits in owning a smart thermostat. I’m sure we’ve all been in the position where we’ve left the house and forgot to switch off the air conditioner or the heater. We’re left running back in to turn it off, or simply accepting the high cost of that month’s utility bill. Not only is that a pain, but it’s also the worst when you come home after having the air conditioner or the heat off all day. Coming home on a cool winter day, you want to come home to a warm and cozy house. However, when the heat has been off all day, it takes a while for the furnace to kick on and get the whole house warmed up. The first twenty hours or so after returning home are dreadful, but with a smart temperature control, you can set your furnace or a/c to automatically turn on before you get home. You’ll come home to a warm house,  but without the bill. The advantages to this plan are ideal, but is it hard to get installed? Can my current Heating plus A/C provider even offer this service? There are a few ways to implement a smart temperature control, with some chances requiring no clearance or repair calls from your current Heating plus A/C business. The technology is simple, just have a Heating plus A/C serviceman connect some wires from your current heating and cooling systems to a circuit, and Presto! Your a/c is now remote-controllable by an app! No new furnace replacement required. No telephone-tag with the Heating plus A/C company trying to get a a/c service, then many of the Heating plus A/C servicemen who can do this operate independently and can be contacted outside of your normal Heating plus A/C provider.

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