The space heater works good enough

I really do love the new portable heating equipment our partner purchased me.  I always have frigid feet and toes & he is so very tired of hearing me complain.  When I went to bed last week, I put our frigid feet and toes up against his legs & he yelped at me.  He told me that I had to keep our ice to myself. I would gladly do that, however our feet and toes get so  frigid that they start hurting. I had on a heavy pair of his hunting socks & I still couldn’t go to sleep because our feet were so cold.  Last night, when he came lake beach house from work & he had a present for me. He purchased me a small portable sectional heating system that fit right under our desk.  I have it running the whole time I am working from home. The heating system fits right underneath our desk & it blows sizzling air on our feet and toes. My feet are sizzling & cozy, & I think that I will be sleeping much better.  Maybe I should have gotten a section heating system a long time ago. I can’t suppose that I have gone over this long & never thought about it. Maybe I should have stuck our frigid feet on his legs a much longer time ago. I unquestionably would have had a section heating system a couple of years ago or so.  Now I do have the section heater, & I only have him to thank. I guess the new concern is that I am cheap & I didn’t want to spend the money. My frigid feet and toes on his legs was a hint that if I was going to have sizzling feet, he was going to have to be the the single one to buy the heater.