I can’t sleep without any cooling

The 2nd night of camping for me was a single of the wildest afternoons I had ever experienced.  The air had become seriously oppressive and so humid! It was love the heat of the day had mixed with a sauna & it had descended down upon our campground.  Both of My sons couldn’t sleep & I was restless. Every one of us were starting to pack some of our stuff so both of us didn’t have so much to do in the day.  Every one of us decided that if both of us couldn’t sleep, both of us may as well do something useful. It was about 2AM when the park ranger came through. He was letting all the people think that both of us had a few minutes to evacuate the campground.  There was a tornado warning for the area. Every one of us simply left everything both of us hadn’t yet packed & got into the truck. There was a small bed and breakfast about various miles away from the campground, & both of us thought both of us should be safe there.  My child seemed happy about a real tornado. I later found out he was more pleased because there would be air conditioner at the hotel. Every one of us went into a room & he went right to the Heating and Air Conditioning unit. He set the climate control equipment so that it was sixty-eight degrees.  There was twenty-four hours grocery across the street, & they went over & got some frigid drinks. They no sooner got back into the bed and breakfast & both of us lost power & air conditioner. Every one of us spent a sleepless night as the windstorms & threat of tornadoes, rumbled through the valley.  The next day, both of us headed back to claim our possessions. The tent had unquestionably ended up in the next county north & everything else both of us had left behind, was utterly undistinguishable.

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