The store has great HVAC

When I was working on my degree, I was also working nights at this large supermarket near my house because I was able to work full-time hours during the night since my classes were always after 12 P.M. It was the perfect schedule. I really miss my night job, especially when it is crazy hot outside. What my job was was to walk up and down all of the aisles, go through inventory and make sure all labels were facing outwards. I basically just would make sure the grocery store looked good. My favorite part of my job was how cool they kept the supermarket. They had these industrial-sized HVAC ducts running above the ceilings over every aisle. These ducts pushed out frigid air all through the night so I stayed comfortable – not to mention awake because when I’m slightly cold, I feel more awake. Combing through the dairy aisle was the best part of my job because it was extra chilly. Plus, the store would run the air purifiers during the night shift to help freshen up the supermarket for the next day. This meant that the air was at its absolute purest while I was working, and that helped me fight off the sinus infection I had when I first started working there! Let me just tell you, if you’ve never used an air purifier, you need to – it will change your life.

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