The studio needs cooling

Even though I don’t make any finances with our carving, I still take it unquestionably seriously. I labor 40 to 45 hours each week in a drab and dull corporation building, where I wear a tie and rest in an office staring at a screen. When I get home is when I get to be myself and indulge in the constructive things in life. In other words, without our carving to keep me normal, I might actually go bonkers from the monotony of our otherwise terrible life. This is why I turned our back room into an woodshop and why I invest so much of our free time in that woodshop. I used to have a major concern with the temperature control method in the woodshop. The room itself was built on after the condo was constructed, so the series of ductwork does not link the room to the rest of the condo. What that means is when the AC is operating and cooling off the whole condo, unquestionably little cold air makes it into the woodshop. This gave me concerns for a while until I selected to purchase a portable AC component just for the woodshop. I was very expensive, but I have to tell you this little a/c was worth the expense. Not only does it alter the temp of the room charmingly, it draws all the toxic wood dust out of the air quality with the complimentary air filters. It also supplies a nice colorless noise in the background as I care, so I have to tell you that the little AC component is unquestionably the heart of our woodshop.