The temperature needs to be controlled

It took me several years to save up enough money to open a small Starbucks Coffee shop plus bakery.  I found the perfect location in an older brick building. There’s ample parking, sizable front windows, hardwood floors, plus high ceilings.  Although I had saved up enough for the deposit on the building, I needed to take out a loan to cover the cost of appliances, furnishings plus display cases.  I spent a great deal on remodeling the bathrooms, updating the wiring plus putting in some industrial sized ovens plus coolers. I planned to hold my grand opening on the first weekend of July.  Up until that point, the weather was fairly mild. I was able to open the door plus windows while I completed renovations, plus never needed to start up the air conditioning. The night before the grand opening, as I was completing a final cleaning, I noticed it felt a bit overheated plus sticky in my shop.  I lowered the control unit setting plus expected the air conditioning to kick in. Unfortunately, actually nothing happened. I hoped that the issue was batteries in the control unit or a blown fuse, however I wasn’t that lucky. By the time I got ahold of a local Heating plus A/C business, I was in a panic. I begged the guy to come right over, prepared to spend money overtime fees.  He was super nice about it plus showed up within the minute. He ran tests on the cooling unit plus figured out that there was a concern with the compressor. He then made a whole bunch of iphone calls, plus managed to locate the necessary replacement part.