The theater air conditioning

Over the Summer I work from time to time as an usher for a theater, which often has vaudeville shows, rock stars and plays performed. The theater is quite big. There are three floors and balcony seating; it is not a awful Summer job by any stretch of the imagination. I get to see a lot of diverse shows, meet great people and the work is super straightforward too. The only disadvantage about the task is the AC. The air conditioning in the theater is set to sub-zero cold temperatures. I suppose that the theater accommodates the acts that are being performed. The vaudeville people wear a variety of costumes and are dancing around the stage. The lights also are directly above them for a few hours. I have seen the people after their show, then even with the AC running on high, they are all hot. The various musicians are even sweatier. They don’t take an intermission and the performers are all always moving! As a non performer and someone who stands stationary most of the night, I am super cold by contrast. I usually have to wear long pants and a jacket my whole shift. It is horrible being chilly cold the entire performance. There is no way to hide from the AC too. The upper and lower levels have vents lining the floor. The AC literally blows up my pants. The balcony has the air ducts right above the seats, and so if I work there, I get AC blowing down on me for hours on end. So while I appreciate my work and how straight-forward it is, I don’t suppose I could go more than  another Summer working there.