There aren’t rules here

Okay, so I am one of those people who loves it when the shades are open and there are lights on inside the houses that we pass, when we are driving.  It is really funny, some of the things you see. It is a flash of someone’s life, almost like in a dream. I think it is more fun than any show I may see on television.  So, when my husband and I decided to buy a house, my flashes of someone’s life, became almost a full length movie. I could go into someone’s home and see all of their life spread out in front of me.  The rules went out the door about not peeking through the keyholes. My husband was a different kind of fanatic. He loved being able to check out all of the heating systems, the air conditioning units, and the ventilations systems.  He would delve into electrical panels, and look into air ducts and ductwork. He thought that if people took care of their HVAC systems, it would show how they took care of the rest of their home. One time, he was pulling out the air filter when the real estate agent came downstairs.  She gave him a frown and told him that wasn’t how the walk throughs normally worked. He said he was not normal, and continued his investigation. I’m glad he is thorough, but some people just think he is strange. We’ll know when we find the right house, because he’ll go by the HVAC system in the house, and it better be fairly new and extremely clean.