I’m quite shocked

My husband and I are having an amazing house hunting.  It is so cool to be able to go into all of these houses we have only peeped into and actually look through everything.  I know that there has to be a bit of voyeurism in me, because I enjoy this too much. My husband wasn’t really looking forward to the house hunting, but he soon really go into it.  My husband’s father is a HVAC contractor and he has been a certified tech for years now. He is always interested in the heating and cooling in houses. The first thing he does when he goes into a house is to go into the basement.  He even takes his tools with him. He will do a complete inspection of the furnace, air conditioning, even the electrical. He took the air filters out of one air conditioning unit to see if it is taken care of. When he went to open up the ductwork to see how clean it was, the real estate agent got a little upset with him and asked him to please stop.  He thinks that if the heating and air conditioning is taken care of then the rest of the house is also taken care of. I don’t care what the real estate agent says, because we are the ones that will be buying the house. If we want to look at the kitchen, bathroom, or even the HVAC system, it should be up to us. The best rules when looking at a house is no rules.  The number one rule in my husband’s book is to check out the HVAC system.

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