There’s multiple parts in our system

My son is definitely a curious little one, as he constantly gets into everything in our house. Despite being only six years old, this little man has already figured out how to disarm our home security system and unlock our back door, just to go outside and look at bugs with a magnifying glass! It’s amazing to me how intelligent such a young boy can be, and while his smarts can get him into trouble at home, it does make him hard to discipline. Last week, my son asked if he could bring our portable space heater to school for show-and-tell. I thought that was a pretty wild request, so promptly responded with a stern no. However, curiosity got the better of me, so I asked him what his intentions were with our portable electric heating system. “I want to show my class how infrared heat works”, he said. I scratched my head, as I was curious to know how that subject even came up, but I told him I would think about it. I ultimately decided to compromise, and agreed to bring it to school just for him to show it during his presentation. When I brought our little infrared space heater to his school, my son eagerly plugged the portable little heating unit into a wall outlet as he talked about how infrared heating works. Resting his hand on the surface of the space heater, my son explained how the heat could be felt in the room, but the source of the heat was safe to touch – meaning no one could be injured from touching it! My son must be meant for mechanical engineering, or at least working as a heating and air conditioning specialist. Wise beyond his years, my son will likely be the one repairing our home’s heating and air conditioning systems in no time.

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