Thermostat helps my budget

Our household budget was totally struggling recently! It seemed like no matter what I did to try and save money, our bills only would go up! The youngsters were growing and eating more food than ever before. I seemed to not be able to keep our youngsters in the same size clothing for more than a couple of months. Now, our energy and water bills have seemed to go through the ceiling! I knew the teenage years were challenging, but this seemed to come on all at the same time. I made the decision to tackle our energy bill first off. I called our local Heating and A/C provider and asked for a basic repair and assessment appointment. They came out a few days later and took care of things. She noticed first off that the air filters needed to be cleaned, even though she was not convinced that was our real problem. She suggested that I install the Smart App into the temperature control and onto our cellphone. This device would monitor the temperature control and the temperatures in the household. I would hastily be able to see any pattern of spending or energy usage with the heating or the air conditioner device. I was impressed by this new technology and signed right up! It only took a month to find out that our youngsters were totally messing with the temperature control when I wasn’t around! They were turning on the air conditioner and heating liberally when I wasn’t at our household! The Smart App allowed me to shut off the component from the convenience of my cell phone… So, whenever they would turn up the temperature control, I simply shut it off. It was kind of fun messing with their heads for a week. They were so shocked when I told them about it.

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