These are my suggestions

I am an incredibly old-fashioned person. When I was younger, every piece of machinery was handled manually. The technology we have nowadays was completely nonexistent when I was younger. Now everything is so “smart” that it doesn’t even seem to need a person to operate it. I didn’t like such technological gadgets and gizmos until my daughter Katie got me on the technology train. I live on my own in a small home just outside of the city. I love my home and think all of my appliances are perfect just the way they are. Katie disagrees and thinks everything needs to be replaced. I don’t like to replace something unless it broke down completely, so I didn’t exactly listen to Katie. I didn’t have a say in the matter last week. My HVAC equipment suddenly stopped working. I called Katie up to come and inspect it. After she looked it over, Katie let me know that my HVAC equipment indeed needed to be replaced. I let Katie take care of it because I had no idea what was going on in the HVAC market these days. Katie took this as an opportunity to introduce me to something “smart”. Katie had a smart thermostat installed in my house. At first, I thought I had just wasted a bunch of money on the thing, but I quickly realized this was not the case. Katie showed me that I could adjust the thermostat settings from an app on my phone. That meant that I didn’t have to get out of bed if I wanted to adjust the thermostat at night. This was great since it’s been a bit tougher to get out of bed lately. I am so glad that Katie thought of this for me!

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