They just had bad HVAC

The time has come for people to demand more with what they are paying for at 4 star hotels.  I spent multiple years traveling for a living and slept in oodles of hotels across the country.  The 4 star hotels around certainly are nice with some charming amenities too. There is normally a really nice diner with available room service and a paper laid at your door in the morning.  The beds are often super special with tons of fluffy pillows along with cozy comforters. Oh, and the soft bathrobes. That is a really nice touch. However, one basic amenity I expect at all 4 star properties is reliable heating and cooling.  So, why do so many common 4 star properties alway let me down when it comes to heating and air conditioning? I have spent some genuinely hot, sweaty evenings sealed in a costly hotel room. The service guy comes in to have a lazy look, then declares that the heating and air conditioning is finally working fine.  Of course, he is wiping the sweat off his literal face as he says those words. Nope, I just find the lack of a well functioning heating and air conditioning device at over $200 an evening to be unsatisfactory and an outrage. So, I quit going to them. I travel less for work now, however when I do, I find a nice cozy small hotel or motel.  I look for the big long heating and air conditioning units which stick out of the room. I think these heating and air conditioning units will consistently do the work. I have never been in a hotel’s guest room where a single of those big old trusty heating and air conditioning units didn’t cool down or heat up the room to my individual liking.  Those heating and air conditioning work horses are the best. Now, I may not get my room service. And, I don’t get to lounge around in any of those fluffy robes. But, I think for sure I won’t be dripping with gross sweat or shivering through the evening. And, I save more than half the cash of the 4 star hotels per night.

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