Sewing and the air conditioner

Tonight I took my son to a knitting class at one of our local libraries. They didn’t want to go at first, and said it wasn’t a skill they needed, but I don’t think he understood how convenient it is to know how to sew or knit! He’s supposed to be studying a pattern and using a knitting machine, and I’m somewhat jealous that he can learn a fantastic life skill so soon in life! The library where the class was being held is in this entirely big, brand new building that was just built in the past five years. It has a high tech, state of the art Heating & Air Conditioning system that the local heating & air conditioning dealers installed at no charge. While the library had to pay for the parts, I think that the Heating & Air Conditioning contractor anticipated tons of fantastic publicity in the city, as they installed the state of the art central A/C, the furnace, air purifiers, and temperature control devices at no charge at all! It was a seriously cool thing to do, as the Heating & Air Conditioning equipment that they chose to use costs a small fortune! All of the labor they had to do while completing the installation was intended to be on their own dime. The building is large, so I’m sure that they had to put in zone control thermostats for the temperature controls. I admire this Heating & Air Conditioning company, as they did this for our community library without expecting a huge payoff. I told my son that even if he didn’t want to be in the knitting class, he should be thankful to be in the room where he is kept in the cool air conditioning!